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We are a new NPL clan who wants to grow with clan members together improving our overall skills and gameplay and also becoming good friends. If you think this clan is for you please feel free to send message to us on voobly (We are currently only recruiting 1400+ rated players (Intermediate Level)).

TLK - Recruiting Intermediate Level Players (1400+):

TLK is mainly an arabia NPL clan, and we are looking for decent arabia team players with minimum of 1400+ rate in New Players Lobby. Players with friendly attitude and eagerness to improve is our highest priority for recruitment. Also if you think you are a decent bf player and want to improve arabia game you are most welcome to contact us on voobly and we can play few friendly 1v1 to analyze your skill and measure room for improvement.

Players with Below 1400 rate:

As mentioned above currently we are only recruiting 14+ rated players who are somewhat skilled than average NPL players. But still if you are eager to join contact me personally [TLK]Silaikaan and we can do daily session to improve your skills and in time you will deserve the TLK tag. This will also show your eagerness to improve which is the key to this clan.

Clan Rules:

Once you are recruited you will be having Trial Member rank which will stay for minimum of 2 weeks. After that clan captains will decide whether you were sociable enough and deserve to be Full Member.

Last but not least, once you are in the clan you are not going to be kicked out from it due to lack of skill, even if you go below 12xx rate, though it will be a matter of concern. Once you are TLK you are part of a family. The reasons you can be booted from clan are;

1. You are being disrespectful to fellow clan member or any other player without good reason.

2. You try to win game/points unfairly, may it be by dropping to not lose points or laggng the game intentionally to delay game.

3. Using game bugs intentionally to get any sort of advantage in game.

4. Smurfing in another clan. (You can smurff with non clan nicks to improve, that is acceptable, still you have to abide by above mentioned clan rules of respecting other players.)

5. If you win someone, win with honor. If you lose, lose with grace.

(Note: This does not mean to stop striving to improve, you are still expected to improve your game. Improving your game and stepping up a ladder is our team goal.)

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